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City of Cameron, Great Lake, Sweet Lake, and Other Points along Highway 27
Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Cameron Parish suffered almost total devastation of property as a result of Hurricane Rita. The only building that survived the hurricane was the Courthouse. The frames of most homes are not to be found. The only elements that survive are the front steps and the pilings on which the homes used to sit. The Memorial Hospital is uninhabitable.

The ecology of the area is also devastated. The area was reported to be lush and green prior to the Hurricane; now, there is dry, dead vegetation for miles.

Local public health officials believe that almost all of the Parish’s residents evacuated before the Hurricane made landfall. They attribute the successful evacuation to the fear induced by Hurricane Katrina.

brick rubble and fallen trees

Only rubble remains of this brick house.

muddy field

Dead vegetation

damaged house damaged house

Grove with no house

hospital building amidst fallen trees

Hospital building

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