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In the early morning hours of September 21, 1999, a devastating earthquake struck the central region of Taiwan. This earthquake became known as the 921 earthquake or the "Ji-Ji" or "Chi-Chi" earthquake. Shortly after the earthquake, MCEER contacted fellow researchers at the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) at the National Taiwan University. 019_7.jpg (22990 bytes)The two centers have had a cooperative research agreement since 1995, and discussions focused on how to best learn from the 921 earthquake. It was decided to conduct a workshop, where researchers could identify important short term strategies/actions for post-earthquake restoration and research needs, and develop specific cooperative projects for investigators from both centers to work as teams based on the 921 experience.

Following brief presentations by Professor Loh and colleagues about the 921 event, and additional presentations on restoration strategies following the Kobe and Northridge earthquakes, the group  began its reconnaissance mission.  MCEER and NCREE investigators paired together to focus on specific areas.

Three MCEER products have resulted from this reconnaissance effort. Initial observations and impressions of the team are reported in the MCEER Preliminary Response, which is  provided below in Adobe  Acrobat .pdf format   (To view the report, you'll the free Adobe Acrobat reader. If you don't already have a copy of the reader, you can get it here.)Pdficonsmall.gif (198 bytes) In addition, a  full-length reconnaissance report and a CD-ROM product are also available


MCEER Preliminary Response

Pdficonsmall.gif (198 bytes)Download Response ( Complete publication, 1.7 mb pdf)

Download individually:

Geology and Tectonics of Taiwan
Geotechnical Issues
Damage to Critical Facilities
Building Damage
Bridge Damage
Lifeline Damage: Electric Power Systems
Application of Remote Sensing
Economic Considerations
Emergency Response and Short-term Restoration
Observations and Ideas for the Future
Selected Bibliography


Full Length Report

A full-length reconnaissance report, The Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake of September 21, 1999: Reconnaissance Report,  containing more detailed information, and jointly authored by MCEER and NCREE, focuses on areas of current and future research collaboration. A Web-Based Summary of this Full-length Report is available 


CD with Photos and Report

MCEER has also produced a CD-ROM on the Chi-Chi earthquake. The CD-ROM, includes an extensive photograph collection from the earthquake and the full-color, complete text of MCEER's reconnaissance report on the event. Over 450 high quality images are included and may be viewed in any web browser. The images can be used in printed publications and presentations as long as the photographer and MCEER are credited. The accompanying reconnaissance report is in PDF format, and requires Adobe® Acrobat®™ Reader 4.05.  Learn more or order the CD-ROM.


Additional Web-Based Materials

Human and Institutional Perspectives of the 921 Taiwan Earthquake: Lessons Learned,
by G. C. Lee, Dir., MCEER & C-H Loh, Dir., NCREE

MCEER Reconnaissance Photos




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