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Seismic Systems and Engineering Consultants

Oakland, CA



Research Team

Since the mid-1990’s, MCEER’s investigators have collaborated on the development of a new methodology for the analysis of earthquake damage to highway systems. This research has led to the release of REDARS 2 (for Risks due to Earthquake DAmage to Roadway Systems), a public-domain software package that accounts for how earthquake damage affects post-event traffic flows and travel times, and estimates losses from these travel-time and traffic-flow impacts. This software can be used to guide pre-earthquake planning and assessment of seismic improvement options as well as post-earthquake response in real time after an actual earthquake. Features include post-earthquake congestion-dependent trip demands analysis, an“import wizard” to ease input data preparation, and a “decision guidance” model to to guide seismic risk reduction decision making.

To learn more about the seismic risk analysis of highway systems methodology and the development of REDARS, see the following resources:

News and Publications

Risk Advisory Panel





New Reports

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REDARS 2 Methodology and Software for Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems

MCEER-06-SP08   S.D. Werner, C.E. Taylor, S. Cho, J-P. Lavoie, C. Huyck,
C. Eitzel, H. Chung and R.T. Eguchi  $35.00

REDARS Validation Report

  MCEER-06-0007   S. Cho, C.K. Huyck, S. Ghosh and R.T. Eguchi  $30.00

User Manual and Technical Documentation for the REDARS Import Wizard.

  MCEER-06-0015   S. Cho, S. Ghosh, C.K. Huyck and S.D. Werner  $25.00