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N. Attary, M.D. Symans, S. Nagarajaiah, A.M. Reinhorn, M.C. Constantinou, A.A. Sarlis, D.T.R. Pasala and D.P. Taylor
MCEER-13-0013 | 9/3/2014 |254 pages | $35
Keywords: Negative Stiffness Device, Adaptive Passive Control, Highway Bridge Seismic Isolation, Seismic Protection, Shake Table Testing
Abstract: The primary focus of this research is to analyze, implement and experimentally test the novel negative stiffness devices (NSDs) in a highway bridge. The bridge was configured with various isolation system components (isolation bearings, negative stiffness devices, and viscous dampers). In addition, the bridge was designed to mimic either a single-span bridge supported on abutments or an interior span of a multi-span bridge. The results of the investigation clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the negative stiffness devices in limiting the seismic response of the bridge for multiple bridge configurations.
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