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Y. Fu, F. Wang and M. Bruneau
MCEER-17-0001 | 2/10/2017 |156 pages | $25
Keywords: Earthquake Engineering; Steel; Plate; Shear; Wall; Inclination angle; Tension; Field; LS-DYNA
Abstract: Research was conducted to investigate how the inclination angle of the diagonal tension field action varies in Steel Plate Shear Walls (SPSWs) and to determine the optimum constant angle best matches the demands obtained from finite element (FE) analysis. A FE model was first calibrated against experimental results that showed significant differences in inclination angles at different locations across the web plate. Then, four real SPSWs with varying aspect ratios and number of stories were designed and modeled for FE analyses. The variations in angle in the web plate and along the boundary elements were documented as a function of drift, and showed significant variations. Combined moment-axial force demand ratios in the SPSW boundary elements were calculated and compared for all real SPSWs. Overall, it was found that the demand on the web plate is not sensitive to the variation of inclination angle and using 45 is a reasonable compromise for both HBE and VBE (horizontal and vertical boundary element) design. Consequently, the single angle of 45 is recommended for the design of the entire SPSW.
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