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G.C. Lee, C. Huang, J. Song, and J. S. O'Connor
MCEER-14-0007 | 7/31/2014 |242 pages | $35
Keywords: Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC); precast girder connection; Seismic performance; shake table test, Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
Abstract: The major objective of this study is to evaluate the seismic performance of two precast deck-bulb-tee girders with field-cast UHPC connections. A series of shake table tests were performed to analyze the seismic behavior of the girders and UHPC connections. No severe damage was found in the tests. The analyses on the maximum strain and relative displacement of the UHPC connection show that the UHPC connection remained in the elastic range and exhibited sufficient seismic performance under all tests. Based on these experimental results, it can be concluded that UHPC connections with short, straight rebar provide sufficient seismic resistance even under high-level seismic ground motions.
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