Information for new students

The pages below provide you with practical and interesting information about the MCEER, the MCEER SLC and where you as an MCEER funded student fits in the whole picture.

These pages are especially directed towards new and incoming student members. Existing members will also find this information to be useful.


The MCEER SLC Student Guidebook

  1. Purpose of the Guidebook

  2. What is MCEER?

  3. What are MCEER’s Research Areas?

  4. NSF-Sponsored Research

  5. The MCEER Highway Project (FHWA Sponsored Research) 

  6. The MCEER Information Service

  7. MCEER Affiliated Institutions

  8. What is the MCEER Student Leadership Council (SLC)?

  9. What does the SLC do?

  10. Why Should You Participate in the MCEER-SLC?

  11. Organizational Structure of the SLC

  12. How Can You Get Involved?


Click on the link below to download the MCEER SLC Student Guidebook in PDF format (5.3 MB) to your computer.
MCEER SLC Student Guidebook<--