SWOT Analysis


It is very important for both MCEER and the SLC that we communicate to MCEER our opinion of how we feel the center is progressing. 

We communicate this to MCEER through a SWOT report, which addresses what we feel are the


to the center.

In view of the multidisciplinary nature of the center, and the dispersion of SLC members across the country, we have constructed an online SWOT survey to facilitate the SWOT reporting of each SLC member.

MCEER SLC members will be sent an email with a username and password to access the SWOT survey.

The results of the SWOT survey are presented annually/bi-annually at the NSF Annual Site Visit and/or the MCEER Annual PI Meetings.

The results will be made available to SLC members through this webpage.

Upcoming SWOT

The next SWOT reporting will be given during the 2003 NSF Annual Site Visit, which will be held in Buffalo this June 3.-4.

Therefore, we are currently collecting SWOT reports from each SLC member. Please follow the link below to submit your SWOT report.


It is quite simple, only takes 5 minutes, but plays an important role in increasing the quality of MCEER, the MCEER SLC and securing future NSF funding (your paycheck ;-).

Thank you for your submission !!


For questions, comments, praise, criticism of the SWOT survey, please send email to SWOT@civil.eng.buffalo.edu