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Spring 2009 Extreme Events Faculty Mixer

32 faculty members and 5 graduate students with research interests in the UB2020 Strategic Strength on Extreme Events: Mitigation and Response gathered for the Spring 2009 Extreme Events Faculty Mixer, held March 26, 2009 at UB's Center for the Arts Atrium. The Mixer had two main purposes: introduce new faculty hires in Extreme Events, and allow faculty from many different departments and schools at UB to meet and find opportunities for collaboration.

A. Scott Weber, Chair of the Department of Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering, welcomed the participants. The first portion of the Mixer featured presentations on their research interests by the new faculty members, including Lisa Butler, Social Work; Beata Csatho, Geology; JiYoung Park, Urban and Regional Planning; Pavani Ram; Social and Preventive Medicine; Adel Sadek, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering; Greg Valentine, Geology; Bob Viswanathan, Operations Management and Strategy; Qian Wang, Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering and Jun Zhuang, Industrial and Systems Engineering. MCEER Director Andre Filiatrault followed with “The Future Vision of MCEER.”

The second part of the Mixer consisted of two rounds of small group discussions, one on research topics, and the other on research process and funding. Research topics addressed included Geological Hazards: Interdisciplinary, Social Science, and Human Factors Approaches; Infrastructure (especially Transportation) and Economy; Uncertainty, Ontology, and Risk; and Human Factors and Incident Dynamics.  Strategies for collaboration and upcoming large funding opportunities were discussed as well.

The organizing committee for the event included Harvey Stenger, Dean,  School of Engineering & Applied Sciences and Acting Chair, Extreme Events Faculty Advisory Committee;  Ernest Sternberg, Professor, Urban & Regional Planning, Steven Dubovsky, Professor and Chair, Psychiatry, School of Medicine;  and Adel Sadek, Associate Professor, Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering. Information on meetings, funding alerts, members and more can be found on the UB2020 Extreme Events website.