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Protecting America against Permanent Continental Shutdown from Electromagnetic Pulse

September 8-10, 2009
Niagara Falls, New York

The conference will address the threat to the nation’s infrastructure from an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy caused by a large solar storm or high-altitude nuclear detonation that can render a substantial amount of critical infrastructure useless for long periods of time. The conference is intended for a general audience from fields including business, government and academia and will focus on topics such as: the EMP Threat, Recovery & Emergency Preparedness, How to Update Your All-Hazards Business Continuity Plan, How to Prepare Your Company and How to Protect Your Government Infrastructure.

Academic Panelists Sought

On behalf of conference organizers who are very interested in participation by researchers and educators, Ernie Sternberg, Professor, Urban and Regional Planning at UB and former president and current board member of Protect New York, has volunteered to pull together an academic panel. Interested parties with expertise in the EMP phenonemon or in a field such as engineering, emergency management, disaster planning, economic modeling, North Korean Politics or other area that can be directly applied to the EMP threat should contact with a brief description of the contribution and a short bio.

Past events

at UB iconThe Spring 2009 Extreme Events Faculty Mixer

32 faculty members and 5 graduate students with research interests in the UB2020 Strategic Strength on Extreme Events: Mitigation and Response gathered for the Spring 2009 Extreme Events Faculty Mixer, held March 26, 2009 at UB's Center for the Arts Atrium. The Mixer had two main purposes: introduce new faculty hires in Extreme Events, and allow faculty from many different departments and schools at UB to meet and find opportunities for collaboration. Read more.