Extreme Events in the News
March 2011

Several new stories have been added to the UB 2020 Strategic Strength on Extreme Events: Mitigation and Response website.

Japanese Tsunami's Effects Will Change How and Where Future Nuclear Power Plants are Built

The design of next-generation nuclear power plants and other critical energy facilities will undoubtedly be influenced by the Japanese tsunami and its devastating effects on Japan's nuclear reactors, says Michael C. Constantinou, PhD, professor of civil, structural and environmental engineering at the University at Buffalo. Full story:

To Learn How to Rebuild, Haitian Engineers from Government and Industry Attend Earthquake Engineering Seminars in Record Numbers

The outcome of Haiti's March 20 presidential election will determine much of the country's political future, but this week, more than 250 Haitian architects and engineers are taking the future of Haiti's reconstruction into their own hands when they attend the third UniQ-UB/MCEER Earthquake Engineering Seminar in Port-au-Prince. Full story:

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Created a 'Cascading Event,' Demonstrating Need for Multi-Hazard Approach

The magnitude 8.9 earthquake off the coast of northern Japan and the tsunami it triggered demonstrate the need for an integrated approach to preparing for, mitigating and responding to extreme events, say researchers at the University at Buffalo, MCEER and the UB Center for GeoHazards Studies, who spoke to media in a briefing Friday on UB's North Campus. Video commentary from UB faculty experts is available here: Full story:

Honors and Awards

Robert Baier, professor, Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences, School of Dental Medicine, was one of five faculty members to named UB Distinguished Professors. A UB faculty member since 1978, Baier is executive director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center in Biosurfaces at UB, as well as director of UB's Biomaterials Graduate Program. Full story:

Two faculty members in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Andrei Reinhorn , Clifford C. Furnas Professor of Structural Engineering, and Michel Bruneau Professor, and former MCEER Director, have been recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for their contributions to the field of structural and earthquake engineering.

Reinhorn has been awarded the 2011 Nathan M. Newmark Medal for his contributions to the development of experimental and analytical methods in structural dynamics and in design of response-control systems for earthquake resistant buildings, as well as his contributions to quantify earthquake resilient communities. Bruneau has received the 2011 George Winter award for his contributions to structural engineering and seismic hazard mitigation, and to creative fictional literature which succeeds in telling the hazard mitigation story to a broader audience. Full story:


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