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General rules:

  1. Queries are not case sensitive.
  2. You can search for any word except for words on the exception list.
  3. To use special characters in a query, (such as &, |, ^, #, @, and $), enclose your query in quotation marks.

Advanced Search:

The simplest kind of query is a single word. However, to get better search results, follow the appropriate instructions below:

  To search for


1 Documents that match a phrase "big red truck" Documents that contain the phrase "big red truck"
2 Documents that match terms Why is the sky blue Documents about the blue sky, ranked by estimated relevance
3 Both terms in the same document red and dog Documents with both the words "red" and "dog"
4 Either term in a document red or dog Documents with the words "red" or "dog"
5 One term without a second term red and not dog Documents with the word "red" but not "dog"
6 Two terms that are close together in the same document red near dog Documents with the word "red" near the word "dog"
7 All terms beginning with particular combination of letters (great to find words with the same prefix) esc* Documents with such terms as "escarpment", "escape", and so on
8 Inflected forms of a word swim** Documents with alternate forms swim, swam, swum, and swimming
9 Documents with the same file extension @filename=*.pdf All files with the .pdf extension
10 Documents with a specific name but with any extension #filename = readme.* Documents with the name readme and any extension.
11 All terms with some character difference r?n


matches "run" and "ran", but not "ruin"

matches "ruin" and "rain", but not "run"


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