Tri-Center Field Mission 2003 - ITALY

Jeff Berman (UB), Gordon Warn (UB), Ani Natali Sigaher (UB), Cagdas Kafali (Cornell), Jale Teczan (Rice), Nikolaos Politis (Rice), and Terri Norton (FAMU), all MCEER SLC members, represented MCEER on the second tri-center filed mission to Italy in October of 2003.  They were accompanied by MCEER’s assistant education director, Andrea Dargush, along with Prof. T.T. Soong (UB), Prof. Philliip Gould (Washington in St. Louis), and students from MAE and PEER. 

The trip began in Milan and the first day of activity included a trip to European Joint Research Center at Ispra.  The group was given a personal tour of the European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA).  This facility boosted a large reaction wall, substantial strong floor area and many dynamic and static actuators.  ELSA and the researchers that work there provide the research that forms the basis of Eurocode 8. 

Later in the day the group traveled to the University of Pavia, one of Italy’s oldest universities which counts Christopher Columbus as an alumni, and met with Prof. Fabiano Casciati who gave them a tour of their laboratory as well as a presentation on the work he is conducting using shape memory alloys. 


The second day was spent traveling to Rome and then meeting with faculty and graduate students at the University of Rome.  Following presentations on their research the group did some evening sight-seeing. 

After leaving Rome the following morning the group arrived at the University D’Aquila to hear research presentations from Prof. Vincenzo Gattulli and other faculty.  Following this the group traveled to the small town of San Giuliano, sight of the 2002 Molise earthquake.  There they received a personal tour of damage, much of which was not yet cleaned up, from the Deputy Mayor of the town and local structural engineer Alberto Dusi.   

A day of sight-seeing followed as the group scaled Mount Vesuvius and toured Naples, returning the United States after a five day whirlwind field mission.


A reconnaissance report to San Giuliano di Puglia, October 16 2003, by Alberto Dusi. (10 MB PDF file): Dusi.pdf

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