EERI annual meeting

- Portland, Oregon, 2003

The EERI annual meeting for 2003 was held at the Marriott Hotel in Portland, Oregon, February 5-8. 

Four MCEER-SLC representatives attended the meeting. They were Jeffrey Berman (SLC-president), Benedikt Halldorsson, Gordon Warn and Michael Pollino, all students at the University at Buffalo.

Mt. Hood as seen early morning 
from the Marriott Hotel

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SLC representatives from MCEER,
MAE and PEER, with Education and
Outreach Coordinators of MCEER 
 and PEER

The main activity of the SLC at the meeting was the participation in the Tri-Lateral Earthquake Engineering Research Center's (EERC) SLC meeting. At this meeting SLC representatives from PEER, MAE and MCEER met. 

In addition, Andrea Dargush, Dr. Scott Ashford and Kevin Truman (representing Phillip Gould), the Education and Outreach coordinators from MCEER, PEER and MAE, respectively, also attended the meeting. 

Each SLC gave an update of the current and most recent activities. From the discussions it is evident that the three earthquake engineering research centers basically have 

the same strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in common. The attenders discussed these SWOTs and ways to deal with them.

A bulk of the time went to discuss how to attract student's attention towards earthquake engineering and the SLC. There was a discussion of a Tri-Center competition that undergraduate students would participate in. This will be drafted and initially prepared by the PEER people.

There were also discussions about creating a document, guidelines for new students that are funded by one of the research centers. The MCEER-SLC is currently working on this document for MCEER.

It was suggested that the three SLCs would make efforts in hosting a trilateral SLC retreat. This will be in the same format as each individual's SLC retreat, but include members from the three SLCs. 

In addition to the Trilateral EERC-SLC meeting, two of the MCEER representatives, Gordon Warn and Michael Pollino presented posters and the meeting.