MCEER annual PI meeting

-  January 22-25, 2003. Boca Raton, Florida

The annual meeting of MCEER Principal Investigators (PI) was held at the Embassy Suites hotel in Boca Raton, Florida, during January 22-25, 2003. 

The meeting has been traditionally held near the beginning of the MCEER Research Year to outline plans and specific activities for the coming year, to review research progress with colleagues, and to clarify and strengthen the interactions between members of individual research teams.

Michael Astrella (UB), Terri Norton (Florida A&M) and Cagdas Kafali (Cornell) 

Terri Norton (Florida A&M) explains
her research to Michel Bruneau
MCEER deputy director, and Ronald
Eguchi of ImageCat Inc.


A few SLC members were appointed by their respective faculty PIs to attend the meeting. They were: Jeffrey Berman (SLC president), Benedikt Halldorsson,  Michael Astrella, Darren Vian, Jason Hanley, all at the University at Buffalo; Terri Norton, Florida A&M, Cadgas Kafali, Cornell University and Wanlong He, City College of New York.

At a special closed session for the MCEER SLC, SLC president Jeff Berman outlined this year's tasks and activities for the SLC. We decided to create a guidebook for the new MCEER funded students that will introduce them MCEER, its main goal and also show them where they fit in this big and collaborative research center. Another important decision was to have an online SWOT analysis, which is how the students voice their opinions of how they feel MCEER is progressing. 

Jeffrey Berman (UB) discusses
his research with industry partners


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It was decided to hold this year’s SLC Retreat at Cornell University by the end of the summer. Furthermore, webpage updating, preparing the SLC Column and selecting a student for the Student Spotlight for this MCEER Bulletin were some other issues discussed at this meeting.

The next day Jeff Berman gave a presentation on the SLC activities of last year, providing an overview to the other PIs and industry partners on SLC participation in meetings, webpage, publications, retreats, SWOT etc.

At the Thursday evening Icebreaker Reception the SLC members exhibited and discussed posters highlighting their MCEER research.

The SLC had compiled and prepared some brief biographical information on each of the SLC members. This document was distributed to the participants at the meeting. As was the case last year at the previous annual meeting, this was very well received, especially of the industry partners.

The SLC members interacted actively with industry partners attending the meeting, both at the icebreaker reception and poster session as well as during lunches and dinners. These interactions proved to be highly interesting and enjoyable, and provided a valuable insight into the  interests and emphasis of the industry and how it relates to research.

SLC members also volunteered to assist with preparations, such as setup of PowerPoint presentations. This was almost entirely taken care of Jason Hanley of UB, our IT expert.