The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a formal incarnation of students who are involved in research programs of the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER), and are performing research under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Since its inception, the MCEER has included and encouraged student efforts throughout its research program and in all of the disciplinary specialties concerned with earthquake engineering.

Participants of the 2004 SLC retreat; Reno, NV

Participants of the 2003 SLC retreat, Cornell


Throughout the years, students have been an integral component in advancing research in earthquake hazard mitigation. Many former students are now in academia, professional practice or government agencies applying knowledge gained during their exposure to MCEER research.

 While associated with MCEER, students participate in annual Center Investigator meetings, attend conferences, workshops and seminars, and have the opportunity to make presentations at these events. The SLC was formed in 1999 to formalize these programs and to afford students from many different institutions the opportunity to meet with each other and develop/improve interaction.

Participants in the SLC Retreat in Buffalo, 2002