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by G.W.Housner

From the Editors

Earthquake engineering in China
by Hu Yuxian

Highway bridge seismic design: summary of FHWA/MCEER project on seismic vulnerability of new highway construction
Ian M. Friedland, Ian G. Buckle and George C. Lee

Earthquake motion input and its dissemination via the Internet
by Benedikt Halldorsson, Gang Dong and Apostolos S. Papageorgiou 

Antiplane SH-deformations near a surface rigid foundation above a subsurface rigid circular tunnel
by V. W. Lee, M. E. Manoogian and S. Chen

Scattering of SH-wave by multiple circular cavities in half space 
by Wang Guoqin and Liu Dianku

Estimation of damping ratio of soil sites using microtremor  
by Guo Xun, Wong Y. L. and Yuan Yifan

Study on liquefaction of saturated loess by in-situ explosion test
by Wang Lanmin, He Kaiming, Shi Yucheng and Wang Jun

Seismic response of tall building considering soil-pile-structure interaction
by Yingcai Han

Seismic response of arch dams considering infinite radiation damping and joint opening effects 
by Liu Xinjia, Xu Yanjie, Wang Guanglun and Zhang Chuhan

Modeling of cable vibration effects of cable-stayed bridges 
by S.H. Cheng and David T. Lau

Effect of near-fault earthquake on bridges: lessons learned from Chi-Chi earthquake
by Chin-Hsiung Loh, Wen-I Liao and Juin-Fu Chai 

Static inelastic analysis of RC shear walls
by Chen Qin and Qian Jiaru

Intelligent technology -based control of motion and vibration using MR dampers  
by Zhou Li, Chih-Chen Chang and B. F. Spencer, Jr.

Seismic structural control using semi-active tuned mass dampers 
by Yang Runlin, Zhou Xiyuan and Liu Xihui

Higher-mode effect on the seismic responses of buildings with viscoelastic dampers   
by Meng-Hao Tsai and Kuo-Chun Chang

Theoretical and experimental research on a new system of semi-active structural control with variable stiffness and damping
by Zhou Fulin, Tan Ping and Yan Weiming

Damage localization under ambient vibration using changes in flexibility
by Yong Gao and B. F. Spencer, Jr.

Engineering models for catastrophe risk and their application to insurance
by Weimin Dong

Overcoming obstacles to implementation: addressing political, institutional and behavioral problems in earthquake hazard mitigation policies
by Daniel J. Alesch and William J. Petak 

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Volume 1, Number 1, 2002

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