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Seismic structural control using semi-active tuned mass dampers

Yang Runlin1* (杨润林) Zhou Xiyuan 12# (周锡元) and Liu Xihui3 (刘锡荟)

  1. Institution of Earthquake Engineering, China Academy of Building Research, Beijing 100013, China
  2. School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Beijing Polytechnic University, Beijing 100022, China
  3. Electronic Information Center, Ministry of Information Industry, Beijing 100846, China

Abstract: This paper focuses on how to determine the instantaneous damping of the semi-active tuned mass damper (SATMD) with continuously variable damping. An off-and-towards-equilibrium (OTE) algorithm is employed to examine the control performance of the structure/SATMD system by considering the damping as an assumptive control action. The damping modification of the SATMD is carried out according to the proposed OTE algorithm, which is formulated based on analysis of the structural movement under external excitations, and the measured responses of the structure at every time instant. As examples two numerical simulations of a five-storey and a ten-storey shear structures with a SATMD on the roof are conducted. The effectiveness on vibration reduction of MDOF systems subjected to seismic excitations is discussed. Analysis results show that the behavior of the structure with a SATMD is significantly improved and the feasibility of applying the OTE algorithm to the structural control design of SATMD is also verified.

Keywords: semi-active TMD; seismic structural control; MDOF; off-and-towards-equilibrium algorithm

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