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G. W. Housner

From the Editors

Earthquake risk assessment for Istanbul metropolitan area
M. Erdik, N. Aydinoglu, Y. Fahjan, K. Sesetyan, M. Demircioglu, B. Siyahi, E. Durukal, C. Ozbey, Y. Biro,
H. Akman and O. Yuzugullu

PGA and structural dynamics input motion at a given site
Fabio Casciati, Sara Casciati and Alberto Marcellini

Application of consequence-based design criteria in regions of moderate seismicity
HU Yuxian 

Principal axes of M-DOF structures Part II: dynamic loading
Zach Liang and George C. Lee

A seismic free field input model for FE-SBFE coupling in time domain
Yan Junyi, Jin Feng, Xu Yanjie, Wang Guanglun and Zhang Chuhan

A three-dimensional nonlinear reduced-order predictive joint model
Yaxin Song, C. J. Hartwigsen, Lawrence A. Bergman and Alexander F. Vakakis

A technique to improve the empirical mode decomposition in the Hilbert-Huang Transform
Yangbo Chen and Maria Q. Feng

Implementation of configuration dependent stiffness proportional damping for the dynamics of rigid multi-block systems
Yun Byeong Chae and Jae Kwan Kim

Lateral load pattern in pushover analysis
Sun Jingjiang, Tetsuro Ono, Zhao Yangang and Wang Wei

Effect of vehicle weight on natural frequencies of bridges measured from traffic-induced vibration
Chul-Young Kim, Dae-Sung Jung, Nam-Sik Kim, Soon-Duck Kwon and Maria Q. Feng

Recent advances in structural control research and applications in China mainland
Lu Xilin and Zhao Bin

Stochastic seismic response of structures with added viscoelastic dampers modeled by fractional derivative
Ye Kun, Li Li and Tang Jiaxiang

Remote structural health monitoring with serially multiplexed fiber optic acoustic emission sensors
Chen ZhongYu, Liang Yujin and Farhad Ansari

Quantitative approach for damage detection of reinforced concrete frames
Yoshio Kaneko, Akira Mita and Hirozo Mihashi

An evaluation of the role played by remote sensing technology following the World Trade Center attack
Charles K. Huyck, Beverley J. Adams and
David I. Kehrlein

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ISSN: 1671-3664/CN23-1496/P
Frequency: 2
Volume 2, Number 1, 2003

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