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Seismic ground motion relationships in southern China based on stochastic finite-fault model

Zheng Sihua (郑斯华)1 and Wong Yuk Lung (黄玉龙)2

  1. Center for Analysis and Prediction, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing 100036, China
  2. Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hongkong

Abstract: The characteristics of seismic ground motions in southern China are difficult to determine statistically due to a lack of strong ground motion data. In this study, a stochastic finite-fault ground motion model was adopted to simulate the seismic ground motions at bedrock for southern China, based on parameters derived from small and medium earthquakes that have occurred in the region. From these, the response spectra was estimated. A set of ground motion attenuation relationships was then developed based on simulated peak ground motions and response spectral parameters through regression, which would be applicable for use in engineering practice. Through comparisons, it was demonstrated that the proposed ground motion relationships are generally consistent with those obtained from other reported ground motion attenuation models for southern China.

Keywords: Stochastic finite-fault model; ground motion relationships; southern China

For a PDF file containing Appendix A, click here (718kb)

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