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Mechanical compression release device in steel bracing system for retrofitting RC frames

H. Ghaffarzadeh and M.R. Maheri

Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Abstract: The development of an innovative structural system with satisfactory seismic performance of braced systems is an important and challenging area of interest in structural engineering. In this paper, a device that can release the compressive force in the bracing members is developed, and its performance is evaluated. For comparison, four steel braced RC frames were constructed and tested under reverse cyclic loads. Two of them had different amounts of bracing and the other two had the same amount of bracing but incorporated different type of device, called compression release device, which is developed and described in this paper. It can be concluded from the test results that the newly developed device can effectively be used in steel braced systems to prevent buckling failure of the bracing members. Therefore, the device enhances the ductility of brace-framed systems by allowing an adequate capacity for energy dissipation.

Keywords: reinforced concrete; steel bracing; cyclic load; buckling; ductility, testing

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