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G. W. Housner

From the Editors

Design spectra including effect of rupture directivity in near-fault region

Xu Longjun, Adrian Rodriguez-Marek and Xie Lili

Identification and imaging of soil and soil-pile deformation in the presence of liquefaction

M. Zeghal, P.V. Kallou, C. Oskay, T. Abdoun and M.K. Sharp

Cone model for two surface foundations on layered soil

Chen Wenhua

An improved pseudo-static method for seismic resistant design of underground structures

Liu Rushan and Shi Hongbin

An off-and-towards-equilibrium strategy for vibrational control of structures

Yang Runlin, Mai Tong, Zhou Xiyuan, Yan Weiming and Liu Xihui

Seismic response of controlled structures with active multiple tuned mass dampers

Han Bingkang and Li Chunxiang

Semiactive variable stiffness control for parametric vibration of cables

Li Hui, Chen Wenli and Ou Jinping

Adaptive base-isolation of civil structures using variable amplification

Kenneth K. Walsh and Makola M. Abdullah

Impact of seismic excitation characteristics on the efficiency of tuned liquid column dampers

Ali Kavand and S. Mehdi Zahrai

Nonlinear pushover analysis of infilled concrete frames

Chao Hsun Huang, Yungting Alex Tuan and Ruo Yun Hsu

Investigations of nonlinear performances of implicit pseudodynamic algorithms

Shuenn-Yih Chang, Yu-Chun Huang and Yu-Chi Sung

Coherency matrix-based proper orthogonal decomposition with application to wind field simulation

 Hu Liang, Li Li, Fan Jian  and Fang Qinhan 

Static and dynamic stability analysis using 3D-DDA with incision body scheme

Wang Jianquan, Lin Gao and Liu Jun

An evaluation of force-based design vs. direct displacement-based design of jointed precast post-tensioned wall systems

M. Ataur Rahman and Sri Sritharan 

Evaluation of the Iranian guideline for seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings

Ali Reza Keyvani Boroujeni and Majid Sadeghazar


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Frequency: 2
Volume 5, Number 2, 2006

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