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Estimation of peak relative velocity and peak absolute acceleration of linear SDOF systems

Jianwei Song, Yi-Lun Chu, Zach Liang and George C. Lee

Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, USA

Abstract: In the seismic analysis and design of structures, the true velocity and absolute acceleration are usually approximated by their corresponding pseudo-values. This approach is simple and works well for structures with small damping (say, less than 15%). When the damping of a structure is enhanced for the purpose of response reduction, it may result in large analysis and design errors. Based on theory of random vibration and the established mechanism of seismic response spectra analysis, a method is developed (1) to predict the relative velocity spectra with any damping ratio level directly from the 5% standard pseudo-acceleration spectrum; and (2) to estimate the peak absolute acceleration. The accuracy of both is validated by using two selected ensembles of ground motion records.

Keywords: damping device; velocity spectrum; absolute acceleration spectrum; response spectrum analysis

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