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Performance of a base isolator with shape memory alloy bars

Fabio Casciati , Lucia Faravelli and Karim Hamdaoui

Dept. of Structural Mechanics, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy

Abstract: A new and innovative base isolation device is introduced in this paper based on extensive research carried out by the authors and their co-workers. A prototype of the device was built and experimentally tested on the shaking table. The new base isolation device consists of two disks, one vertical cylinder with an upper enlargement sustained by three horizontal cantilevers, and at least three inclined shape memory alloy (SMA) bars. The role of the SMA bars is to limit the relative motion between the base and the superstructure, to dissipate energy by their super-elastic constitutive law and to guarantee the re-centring of the device. To verify the expected performance, a prototype was built and tested under sinusoidal waves of displacement of increasing frequency with different amplitudes. It is shown that the main feature of the proposed base isolation device is that for cyclic loading, the super-elastic behavior of the alloy results in wide load-displacement loops, where a large amount of energy is dissipated.

Keywords: base isolator; dynamic excitation; energy dissipation; shape memory alloy; shaking table test


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