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G. W. Housner

From the Editors

Parallel computation of seismic analysis of high arch dam

Chen Houqun, Ma Huaifa, Tu Jin, Cheng Guangqing and Tang Juzhen

Optimal design of structures for earthquake loads by a hybrid RBF-BPSO method

Eysa Salajegheh, Saeed Gholizadeh and Mohsen Khatibinia

An improved modal pushover analysis procedure for estimating seismic demands of structures

Mao Jianmeng, Zhai Changhai and Xie Lili

Seismic response of bridge pier on rigid caisson foundation in soil stratum

C. Tsigginos, N. Gerolymos, D. Assimaki and G. Gazetas

Probabilistic fragility analysis: A tool for assessing design rules of RC buildings

Nikos D. Lagaros

Correlation failure analysis of an uncertain hysteretic vibration system

Zhang Xufang, Zhang Yimin and Hao Qiuju

Dynamic performance of angle-steel concrete columns under low cyclic loading-I: Experimental study

Zheng Wenzhong and Ji Jing

Nonlinear finite element analysis of high-strength concrete columns and experimental verification

Lu Xilin and Chen Shaolin

Health monitoring of time-varying stochastic structures by latent components and fuzzy expert system

M. M. Ettefagh and M. H. Sadeghi

Distributed TLDs in RC floors and their vibration reduction efficiency

Ye Lieping, Lu Xinzheng, Qu Zhe and Hou Jianqun

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Volume 7, Number 1, 2008

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