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Field experiment of subgrade vibration induced by passing train in a seasonally frozen region of Daqing

Ling Xianzhang1,2, Zhang Feng1,2, Zhu Zhanyuan1,2,3, Ding Lin4 and Hu Qingli1

  1. School of Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, China
  2. Institute of Subgrade and Prevention Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, China
  3. Information & Engineering Technology College, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya’an 625014, China
  4. School of Architectural Engineering, Heilongjiang University, Harbin 150080, China

Abstract: The vibration characteristics and attenuation of the subgrade caused by passing trains in a seasonally frozen region of Daqing, China are investigated. Three field experiments were conducted during different times through the year, in normal, freezing and thawing periods, respectively, and the influence of the season, train speed and train type, is described in this paper. The results show that: (1) the vertical component is the greatest among the three components of the measured vibration near the rail track, and as the distance to the railway track increases, the dominant vibration depends on the season. (2) Compared with the vibration in the normal period, the vertical and longitudinal vibrations increase while the lateral vibration decreases in the freezing period. However, in the thawing period, the vertical and longitudinal vibrations decrease, and the lateral vibration increases. (3) As train speeds increase, the subgrade vibration increases. (4) The vibration induced by a freight train is greater than by a passenger train. These observations provide a better understanding of the vibration and dynamic stability of the subgrade and may be useful in developing criteria for railway and building construction in cold regions.

Keywords: subgrade vibration; passing train; characteristic acceleration; seasonally frozen regions; Daqing area of China

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