Table 1: Summary of Centrifuge Tests from 1989 through August 1996 - Static Tests

Project TitleReferences1Soil TypeClassification2NNo. of Tests
Stability of braced excavationsUndergraduate research project (unpublished)Medium sandEX802
Slope stabilityUndergraduate research project (unpublished)SandES1002
Static response of mechanically stabilized earth wallsRaghed & Elgamal(1991), Raghed (1991)Medium sandES, EX39-8313
Strenght and stability of reinforced walls with geotextile reinfocementMahmud & Zimmie (1996, 1997) Mahmud (In preparation), Zimmie & Mahmud (1996)Medium sandES,EX
Centrifuge modeling of radioactive waste migration in soilDe & Mahmud (1992), Mahmud (1993), Zimmie et al. (1993, 1994a, 1994e)ClayCTF604
Long term performance of landfill cover materialsZimmie et al. (1994b, 1994c)Clay, Paper SludgeCTF, LA1054
Total Static Tests


1 Complete citations are provided in the list of references.
2 Classifications are abbreviated as follows: CTF: Contaminant Transport and Flow; DF: Deep Foundations; ES: Embankments and Slopes; EX: Excavations and Retaining Structures; LA: Landfills; LQ: Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading; SI: System Identification; SF: Shallow Foundations.

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