Table 2: Summary of Centrifuge Tests from 1989 through August 1996 - Dynamic Tests

Project TitleReferences1Soil TypeClassification2NNo. of Tests
Dynamic testing of soil nailed excavationsTufenkjian & Vucetic (1992), Tufenkjian et al., (1991)SandEX5010
Seismic stability of reinforced earth wallsG. Anderson (Tulane, Texas A&M)SandEX5015
Correlation of cone penetration data w/ earthquake induced lateral spreadingM. Sharp (In preparation)SandLQ
Dynamic response of mechanically stabilized earth wallsRagheb & Elgamal (1991), Ragheb (1991)Medium
Seismic response of shallow foundationLiu (1992), Liu & Dobry (1992), Dobry, Taboada & Liu (1995)Fine
LQ, SF5013
Application of vacuum surcharge for soil stabilizationElgamal & Adalier (1996)SandEX, LQ4014
Effect of overconsolidation on liquefaction resistance of sandy soilsAdalier (1996)SandLQ2542
Metallic strip and geofabric reinforcement of level ground against seismic liquefactionAdalier (1996)SandLQ4014
Seismic response of dense and loose sand columnsAdalier (1996)SandLQ502
Aseismic stabilization of earth dams and slopes against soil liquefactionAdalier (1996)Sand, ClayES, LQ40-7519
VELACS: Experimental results of model #1Taboada & Dobry (1993a)SandLQ502
VELACS: Experimental results of model #2Taboada & Dobry (1993b), Dobry & Taboada (1994)SandLQ502
VELACS: Experimental results of model #3Taboada & Dobry (1993c)SandLQ501
VELACS: Experimental results of model #4aTaboada & Dobry (1993d)Sand, SiltLQ502
VELACS: Experimental results of model #4bCamevale & Elgamal (1993a)Sand, SiltLQ503
VELACS: Experimental results of model #7Adalier & Elgamal (1993)Sand, SiltLQ802
VELACS: Experimental results of model #10Ting & Whitman (1993)SandEX, LQ5018
VELACS: Experimental results of model #12Camevale & Elgamal (1993b)Sand, SiltLQ1003
VELACS2 tests: level groundAdalier et al., (1997)SandLQ501
VELACS2 tests: embankmentAdalier et al., (1997)SandLQ, ES504
Effect of liquefaction on buried pilesLiu & Dobry (1995)Fine SandDF, LQ505
Lateral spreadingTaboada (1995), Dobry, Taboada & Uu (1995)Fine SandES, LQ, Sl5010
Seismic response of landfillsGunturi (1996)OtherES, LA504
Seismic response of layered silty sand deposited under waterDobry, Gutierrez & Zeghal (1996), M. Gutierrez (In preparation)Silty SandLQ40-10015
Response of laterally loaded pilesA. Gadre (In preparation)SandDF, SF
Effect of lateral spreading of layered sanddeposit on pile foundationT Abdoun (In preparation), Abdoun et al. (1996)SandES, DF, LQ5013
Geosynthetic interface frictionZimmie et al., (1994a,b,d), De, A. (1996), De & Zimmie (1997)OtherES, LA5-605
Earthquake response of tilting retaining wall with saturated backfillTing & Whitman (1994)SandEX, LQ5018
System identificationZeghal & Elgamal (1994), Elgamal et al. (1996)
Development of Laminar BoxVan Laak et al. (1994b)SandLQ502
Development of Earthquake ShakersVan Laak, P. (1996), Van Laak et al. (1994a)SandLQ50-1004
Total Dynamic Tests

1,2 See notes under Table 1 for definitions.

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