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IDARC: Inelastic Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame - Shear-Wall Structures

Y.J. Park, A.M. Reinhorn and S.K. Kunnath

NCEER-87-0008 | 7/20/1987 | 200 pages

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Notes: The latest version of IDARC is 7.0 and the accompanying report is MCEER-09-0006, which supersedes this report. To learn more about IDARC and the Users Group, click here.

Keywords: Computer Programs, IDARC, Seismic Excitation, Earthquake Excitation, Structural Modeling, Reinforced Concrete, Shear Walls, Static Structural Analysis, Dynamic Structural Analysis, and Component Modeling.

Abstract: The needs for analytical tools to support experiments and design processes led the authors to develop a computer program for the Inelastic Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame-Shear Wall Structures, IDARC. The program, based on original developments of constitutive models and structural modeling, performs an equivalent static and dynamic response analysis of R/C structures under earthquake excitations. Currently available programs for inelastic dynamic analysis of reinforced concrete structures possess various drawbacks. Program IDARC overcomes the above drawbacks as is evident from the following features: the equivalent static analysis determines the component properties including the identification of the inelastic behavior and failure mode under monotonic loads, as well as the determination of the natural period of the structure. The step-by-step inelastic dynamic response analysis is performed using a `three-parameter' hysteretic model for reinforced concrete elements which permit modeling of shear and flexure differently. The formulation enables the subsequent damage analysis, both local and global, as well as the substructure analysis of individual components; strength levels are computed by the program and change progressively with the behavior of the component. The present developments are based on state-of-the-art in modeling of reinforced concrete behavior and structural analysis. This report presents a detailed description of new structural modeling techniques and the hysteretic models used in the analysis. Details of program organization, mathematical formulations and a user guide with a numerical example are presented herein.