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IDARC2D, Version 4.0: A Computer Program for the Inelastic Damage Analysis of Buildings

R.E. Valles, A.M. Reinhorn, S.K. Kunnath, C. Li and A. Madan

NCEER-96-0010 | 6/3/1996 | 350 pages

About the Report:

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Notes: The latest version of IDARC is 7.0 and the accompanying report is MCEER-09-0006, which supersedes this report. To learn more about IDARC and the Users Group, click here.

Keywords: IDARC2D, Version 4.0, IDARC, Computer Programs, Inelastic Damage Analysis, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Damage Models, and Earthquake Engineering

Abstract: This report summarizes recent enhancements to the IDARC computer program which has been and continues to be developed for the analysis of earthquake-induced damage to inelastic reinforced concrete structures. This report synthesizes all materials on IDARC presented in previous reports, including NCEER-87-0008, NCEER-92-0022, and other related reports. The report also treats a number of other improvements introduced in IDARC-2D, version 4.0: 1) improved plasticity and yield penetration model; 2) new masonry infill panels; 3) new damped bracing systems; 4) new hysteresis models; 5) new global damping formulation; 6) new static pushover analysis including adaptable technique; 7) new damage indicators; 8) improved information on damage progression through snapshots; 9) improved computational efficiency of stiffness calculations; and 10) new case studies and examples.