Seismic Vulnerability of the Highway System

Task F3-2: Guide Specification for Seismic Design

Subject Area: Special Studies - NCHRP Project 12-49 Support 
Research Year 2

Principal Investigator(s) and Institution(s)

Ronald L. Mayes and Richard V. Nutt, consultants
Maurice Power, Geomatrix Consultants, Inc.
Christopher Rojahn, Applied Technology Council

Objective and Approach

NCHRP Project 12-49, which is being conducted by a joint venture of the Applied Technology Council and MCEER, is developing a new seismic design specification and commentary intended as a replacement for the current provisions in the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. The AASHTO Bridge Committee's seismic design technical committee (T-3) requested that the NCHRP 12-49 LRFD provisions be re-formatted into a stand-alone set of design provisions and commentary, so that they can be adopted, in the interim, as an AASHTO Guide Specification. This format will then enable bridge designers to readily use the provisions prior to their formal adoption into the AASHTO LRFD specification.

Funding available within NCHRP Project 12-49 is insufficient to support the reformatting effort; Task F3-2 will therefore support the work using key members of the original NCHRP Project 12-49 team.


"Recommended LRFD Guidelines for the Seismic Design of Bridges" in two parts: specifications and commentary, which can be readily adopted by AASHTO as a Guide Specification.

Technical Challenges

The primary technical challenge will be to complete the document in sufficient time prior to the May 24, 2001 meeting of the AASHTO T-3 committee, so that committee members can adequately review the proposed document.


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