Seismic Vulnerability of the Highway System

Task G2-1: 3rd FHWA National Seismic Conference and Workshop on Bridges and Highways

Subject Area: Technology Exchange and Transfer
Research Year 3

Principal Investigators and Institutions

George C. Lee, MCEER
Ian G. Buckle, University of Nevada, Reno

Objective and Approach

The first and second National Seismic Conferences on Bridges and Highways were held in San Diego and Sacramento, California in December 1995 and July 1997, respectively. Under this task, MCEER is organizing and conducting the Third conference on behalf of the FHWA. The conference has been scheduled for April 28 through May 1, 2002, and will be held in Portland, Oregon.

Work on this task was initiated during Research Year 1. A Steering Committee was formed, which is responsible for overseeing the conference and making major decisions regarding its focus and format. A conference planner was employed to assist in negotiating with hotels and other venues, and with the various vendors required for the conference.

During Research Year 2, the Steering Committee selected the conference theme, topics for the conference, potential international speakers, the site and date of the conference, and appointed a Technical Committee to organize the various sessions that will be held during the conference. The Steering Committee prepared a "Call for Papers," which was issued by MCEER to solicit for conference papers and presentations. More than 120 abstracts were received in response to the "Call for Papers," and these were reviewed by the Technical Committee. The conference program will be set by the end of Research Year 2.

In Research Year 3, task activities associated with facilitating the conference will focus on the following:

  • Preparing and publishing bound conference proceedings which will be distributed to all conference participants;
  • Developing, printing, and issuing the final conference announcement and appropriate registration forms;
  • Organizing the technology exhibition, including marketing to potential exhibitors, negotiating space, and collecting exhibitor fees;
  • Managing all conference registration functions, including pre-registration and on-site registration;
  • Managing all on-site conference activities, including preparing and setting up all required space and signage, negotiating and managing audio-visual and poster session equipment and personnel, organizing speakers and speaker-ready facilities, and management of conference exhibitors;
  • Providing a post-conference report documenting problems and successes.


  • Conference proceedings which will include the conference papers.
  • Post-conference report documenting conference problems and successes.

Technical Challenges

None anticipated.

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