Seismic Vulnerability of the Highway System

Task G3-6: U.S.-PRC Workshop on Earthquake Engineeringfor Highway Bridges

Subject Area: Technology Exchange and Transfer
Research Year 3

Principal Investigator and Institution

George C. Lee, University at Buffalo

Objective and Approach

This will be the first of four workshops to be conducted annually with bridge and earthquake engineering researchers in the People's Republic of China. Specifically, this workshop will be held in Shanghai, PRC, and subsequent workshops will alternate between the United States and PRC. The PRC has made significant advances in earthquake engineering for long span and special bridges, and will be able to share new knowledge and technologies with U.S. engineers via this workshop series.


The primary product will be a bound proceedings of all of the technical papers that were presented during the workshop. A secondary product will be the various interactions and contacts which the U.S. delegation will have made with engineers from the PRC.

Technical Challenges

None anticipated.

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