EERI annual meeting

- Los Angeles, California, 2004

The EERI annual meeting for 2004 was held at the Omni Hotel at California Plaza in Los Angeles, California, February 4-8. 

Three MCEER-SLC representatives attended the meeting.  They were Terri Norton (SLC-Vice President) and Marlon Hill of Florida A&M University and Elliott Goodwin of the University of Nevada-Reno.


               View of West Hollywood and Downtown L.A.

Tri-Center Representatives (Terri Norton, Elliot Goodwin, Tracy Smith, and Paxti Uriz)

A Tri-Center SLC meeting was held during the conference to discuss and collaborate activities between the three centers; MCEER, MAE and PEER.  The other representatives were Tracy Smith from MAE and Paxti Uriz from PEER. The activities discussed included: the 2004 Tri-Center Field Mission in Japan, the Ph.D. Student Lecturer Exchange and the Undergraduate Shake Table Competition.  A pilot run of the shake table competition will be conducted by PEER later this year.  Other topics included an annual Tri-Center retreat and future meetings via video conferencing. 

One highlight which was most memorable was a training workshop for reconnaissance teams.  The training introduced the Learning From Earthquakes program, reviewed the expectations of the EERI reconnaissance team members and the concept of the Clearinghouse.  It also addressed the importance of safety in the field and the benefits of information technology.

The conference also included the “Bam Earthquake Briefing” presented by Farzad Naeim, team leader of the EERI reconnaissance team.  The briefing was essentially an overview of the reconnaissance team’s findings.  The Bam earthquake was a 6.7 magnitude earthquake that killed roughly 43,000 of the city’s 80,000 residents.  It was determined that 5,000 of the city’s youth (ages 2-12) lost both parents.  About 40% of the city suffered 80%-100% structural damage.  This damage was due to failure of walls from out-of-plane loading.

Another highlight was the visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum.  This was an optional activity that took place the last day of the annual meeting.  The museum staff gave presentations on protecting the movable art collections and an overview of the types of work in the collection and protection methods.  There was also time after the presentations for self-guided tours of the museum’s many exhibits as well as gardens.  From several different vantage points the Getty Museum provided great views of Los Angeles (West Hollywood, Downtown, & UCLA) and the Pacific Ocean.