2005 EERI annual meeting

- Ixtapa, Mexico; February 2-6, 2005

The EERI annual meeting for 2005 was held at the Las Brisas Resort in Ixtapa, Mexico on Feb. 2-6 2005.  The theme for the 2005 Annual Meeting was "20 Years After Mexico City".

Three MCEER-SLC representatives attended the meeting.  They were Michael Astrella and Michael Pollino (SLC Chair) of the University at Buffalo and Marlon Hill (SLC Vice-Chair) of Florida A&M University.





View to Pacific Ocean from Las Brisas Resort

MCEER Students at the U.S. - Mexico Reception.  (from left to right, Michael Pollino, Michael Astrella, and Marlon Hill)

Informal meetings between MCEER, MAE and PEER SLC members were held during the conference to discuss and collaborate activities between the three centers.  The other representatives were Nick Burdette and Ryan Hopeman from MAE and Ana Lang from PEER. The primary activity discussed was the Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition.  MCEER held their competition at the University at Buffalo the previous weekend and is tentatively planning to send the top two teams to the PEER competition (to be held in April 2005).  Other topics included the 2005 Tri-

center Field Mission and future meetings via video conferencing. 

Also, a student poster session was held on Friday, Feb. 4th.  Each of the MCEER students presented a poster on their research.  Michael Astrella's poster was titled "The Performance-Based Design Paradigm", Michael Pollino's was titled "Seismic Retrofit of Bridge Steel Truss Piers Using a Controlled Rocking Approach", and Marlon Hill's was titled "Determination of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Multi-Degree of Freedom Structures".  Michael Pollino also presented a poster on the University at Buffalo's EERI Student Chapter titled "University at Buffalo, EERI Student Chapter Overview". 

The EERI Distinguished Lecturer for 2005, Jack Moehle of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, gave his presentation titled, "Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering:  Developments and Applications" and the 2004 EERI/FEMA/NEHRP Graduate Fellow, Paul Cordova of Stanford University, presented, "Full-Scale Test of a Composite Moment-Frame System".  The conference also included a briefing on the Sumatra, Indonesia, Earthquake and Tsunami of December 26th, 2004

A banquet on Friday night with Mexican Folkloric Dancers and a reception on Saturday night with Mariachi music.