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- The MCEER Bulletin

The Bulletin is a free quarterly publication offering articles on MCEER research, cooperative ventures, reports from conferences, educational activities, upcoming events, and reviews of new MCEER publications.  

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Click on the latest SLC or student name in the tables below to read about the most recent SLC activities and SLC Student Spotlight.


- SLC Column in the MCEER Bulletin

The SLC contributes columns to the MCEER bulletin since the summer issue of 2000.  These columns contain updates on SLC activities and results of work accomplished at SLC meetings.  

The past SLC columns can be accessed throught the links at the top of this page, but are listed below for convenience


Winter/Spring Summer Fall
2004 SLC-1, SLC-2, SLC-3    
2003 SLC SLC  
2000   SLC SLC-1, SLC-2



- Student Spotlight in the MCEER Bulletin

The Bulletin has a Student Spotlight column, in which it introduces one or two student researchers and highlights their current research work.

The past students portrayed in this column are:

  Winter/Spring Summer Fall
2004 Darren Vian    
2003 Terry Norton Daniel Fenz
2002 James Mason Rory Connell S. Ali Ashrafi 
2001 Diego Lopez-Garcia A. Natali Sigaher Ali Rejaie
2000   Gauri-Shankar Guha Jason Hanley